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10 April 2009

How To Style Emo Hairstyles

It is very easy to form your Emo hairstyle into spikes or a funky shag.
All that you need to do is-

> Start with wet hair > Using your fingers work a generous amount of gel through your hair > Form your hair into spikes or shape your shag the way you want it > Blow-dry your hair > If making spikes, add more gel as needed > Do not brush your hair out > Spray hair well with hairspray for hold.

The beauty of an Emo hairstyle is how un-uniformed it is.

If you were to visit a salon for your Emo hairstyle and find yourself not happy with it later, you could always feel free to make a few adjustments yourself at home.

Although you can cut your own hair into an Emo hairstyle at home, sometimes it is best to visit a trained professional.

This is true even though many Emo hairstyles are asymmetrical and rather choppy.

This is because it is very hard for us to get a good view of how our hair looks from behind.

However, if you are insistent on doing your Emo hairstyle yourself, the good news is that it is impossible to make a mistake.

The whole point of the Emo hairstyle is a unique look unlike what anyone else has.
Therefore a mistake in your cutting could actually turn into an advantage in your Emo look.


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