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14 April 2009

Time Management Tips -Plan Each Day and Stick to Your Plan - Here's How

The trick to getting the most out of every day, and getting the most done? Planning. If you don't know where you're going - any path will take you there, and you won't know when you're arrived! So know where you are going each month, week, day. Know what you need to get done to get you there. And follow these simple tips to keep you on track.

To prepare for this new way of managing your time and priorities, create 4 file folders for items you need to do. Label them: "today", "this week", "next week", and "sometime in the future".

At the end of each day, take the time to plan for tomorrow.

* Your "today" file should be empty at the end of each day. Review your "this week" file and move tomorrow's "must do" items into the empty "today" file.
* On your calendar, schedule your day including travel time to and from appointments, and "planning" and "doing" time for all your priority activities. Distinguish between the things you must do, and the things you'll do if time permits.

Each Friday afternoon, prepare your 4 time management files for the following week and for Monday's tasks.

In a future article we will discuss how to handle the proliferation of mail and email so you can stay organized and focused on your priorities.

If you follow this simple process each day and each week, with a clear focus on your personal values and goals - you will remain steadfastly focused on accomplishing the most important tasks that will move you forward towards your goals and dreams.

AND you'll know when you've arrived!

Heather Percy, President, Percy Emtage & Associates, is a visionary and results driven leader with an extensive background in marketing and operations within global companies over the past 20 years. She facilitates the development of strategic and business plans, implements mechanisms to improve business processes and internal communications, and grooms managers, supervisors, and leaders for their new and diverse roles.

With her strong analytical skills and a reputation for integrity, she brings a clear focus on leadership development and cost efficiencies to the organizations with which she is involved. Working with management and staff at all levels of an organization -- individually and in groups -- Ms. Percy effectively coaches, mentors and develops leadership talent.

Developing PEAK performance through effective Business Coaching

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